• http://www.nokiacreative.com James @ Nokia Creative

    The iPhone is probably the most important device Apple has ever created, I think it’s safe to say that Apple themselves realise this also.

    Apple will add new features to the ‘iPod/iPhone’ handheld computing platform when Steve Jobs is happy with it, and not one single moment before. This is one of Apple’s key strengths.

    “Apple’s pace has slowed dramatically”, I don’t believe that to be true – it only appears that why from outside the 1 Infinite Loop.

    I’m totally happy to wait. The iPhone, even without certain features, is still the greatest phone I’ve ever owned.

    Once the (delayed) SDK bomb hits… sales figures will start to really ramp up, especially when you include the iPod Touch sales.

  • http://www.blog.sizzla-media.co.uk Leon

    @ James

    “I’m totally happy to wait. The iPhone, even without certain features, is still the greatest phone I’ve ever owned.”

    I’m guessing that you haven’t owned many phones before this.

    Yes I agree the iPhone is truly amazing in terms of its interface and touch gestures. Take this away and the core functions of a phone are missing (MMS, SMS forwarding, BT file sharing).

    Until these are implemented, I continue to feel cheated by Apple.

  • http://www.nokiacreative.com James @ Nokia Creative

    @Leon: Well, I’ve probably owned about 10 phones ranging from the N95 through to the Sharp 903SH.

    It’s a shame you feel cheated by Apple, but surely you knew that these features were missing before you made the purchase?

    I’m sure I’m not alone in my feelings towards the iPhone, you only have to take a look at the satisfaction figures that keep getting bandied around these days…

    MMS? Complete waste of time for me. I’ll use iPhone’s email client.
    SMS Forwarding? Probably used it about 20 times in the last 10 years. So no great shakes there.

    BT file sharing? True I do miss that feature, but only once or twice a week.

    I move backwards and forwards between my iPhone and my N95, although I’m head-over-heels in love with my N95, if I had to part with one it would be the N95 – I can buy another camera, but I can’t buy another device that is as slick and as stunningly useful (to me) as the iPhone.

    Perhaps it’s just me Leon… But this might help to explain my position further. In order of weekly usage, here are my main iPhone tasks…

    1. Email
    2. Web browsing
    3. Music playback
    4. SMS texting
    5. Video playback
    6. YouTube video playback
    7. Calendar
    8. Stopwatch and Alarm
    9. Google Maps
    10. Notepad

    In practically every one of these uses, the ‘out of box’ iPhone utterly destroys practically every other phone I’ve used, both in terms of speed and usability.

    For my set of standard daily task, the iPhone is almost perfect for me, if it had a slightly better camera and video capture it would be complete. Oh, and I guess a few games wouldn’t be cool! (^_^)

    What’s your top phone then Leon, and why?