The SDK’s out tomorrow – what’s on your wishlist?

March 5th March 6th sees an Apple media event to roll out the Software Development Kit. It’s likely that MS Exchange and Lotus Notes support and/or native apps will figure in the mix. But further questions abound:

  • is it really ready for primetime?
  • will developers will get access to Wifi and mobile connectivity?
  • will the dock connector be addressable (leading to innovative hardware)?

Regardless of those questions – we, the users, will be getting installable applications in the near future. Hooray!

Which begs the question – what’s on your wishlist?

Macworld has compiled their list of 25 native apps they’d like to see. It deliberately shys away from OS-level issues such as cut and paste, fuller bluetooth support etc., and highlights some interesting apps that are sure to come to light, and which have not yet been developed for the unofficial jailbroken SDK:

  • a finger-painting app
    – sounds a bit silly but would be very handy I’m sure for for quick sketching
  • a comic book reader
    – just need 2000AD to get onboard!
  • Slingplayer
    – which would be a very interesting app, especially in conjunction with a 3G iPhone

There’s one on their list that isn’t mentioned though – a blacklisting application. One of the thing I really miss from my S60 phone is the ability to have fine-grained control over who can call me. Right now I only have two options – answer or send to voicemail. This isn’t really enough – especially as more and more people are solely using their mobile as their only phone. I give my phone number out to pretty much everyone (yes, I even gave it to Steve!), so I need to be able to block all those pesky 0870 numbers who seem to think my mobile contract’s up for renewal. If Handy Blacklist or similar could be written for the iPhone, I’d be a very happy camper.

But let’s wait and see what turns up from tomorrow. With Mobile OS X as a true smartphone platform, it only gets more exciting from here on in :)

Oh, I almost forgot: Yes, firmware 1.1.4 was released. No, I didn’t post about it. Why not? Little to report, little to say that that hadn’t been said elsewhere, and your RSS readers are probably full enough already…

[edit: Date of SDK launch corrected]

Quick tip:
For anyone who does get 08xx calls and wants to track them down. The GSM code *#147# will usually reveal the originating number of the last call, including 08xx numbers.

  • Richard Flynn

    1. The event is on Thursday (6th March), not tomorrow.
    2. ‘Which begs the question…’. Not it does not. Begging the question is a precise logical concept which, put simply, means using a circular argument. (There is no specific ‘question’ in the sense of ‘inquiry’.) ‘Beg the question’ does not mean ‘gives rise to the question’, or something similar.

    Right then; having got that out of the way, the most exciting prospect for me brought by the forthcoming SDK is a portable version of OmniFocus which would sync with the desktop application. However, it’s very difficult to say what Apple will provide for third-party developers (duh)—they might not allow for third-party apps to use any desktop–mobile syncing mechanism (either integrated into iTunes or otherwise). I also have a feeling that Apple won’t release anything tangible on Thursday, but rather that they will give a bit more solid information and then announce the date on which the SDK will be delivered to developers. And boy will that be annoying.

  • Matt Radford

    Whoops – I was a bit eager there. Thank you for correcting me on the date (I’ve updated the article), and also for your annoyingly instructive linguistic pendantry. My questions will go unbegged in future…

    OmniFocus would be a great addition to the iPhone’s range of apps, and I’d be surprised if that and other GTD apps didn’t turn up quite soon. Even a basic native to-do app would be useful. However, you’re absolutely correct in pointing out that it would be of massive benefit to synchronise the desktop and the iPhone OmniFocus data. I’d be extremely surprised if Apple doesn’t cater for this, seeing as the iPhone hooks into OS X’s Sync Services. Third party apps such as the Missing Sync have already taken advantage of this to provide for syncing additional data to the iPhone.

  • James @ Nokia Creative

    Bring on iPlayer and World of Warcraft and I’m happy! (^_-)

  • mel jones

    As a long time palm user I would love to have two of my favourite apps on the iphone. The first would be Datebook which is a sophisticated but simple to use calendar, memo app and Handbase which is a very clever and versatile database app plus a search tool, a reader would be quite useful, Mobipocket is a favourite of mine. Of course there are dozens of others, one day it would be nice to have as many as are available for the Palm OS.

  • Matt Radford

    Mel, your requirements may well be on the way to being met. Why buy and learn a boatload of new native apps, when you can just re-use your Palm apps? Check out Style Tap, who are developing a Palm emulator for the iPhone :)