• Phil M

    As someone who will often “try before I buy,” so to speak, I have to say that arguments that piracy on the iPhone is justifiable are junk. I have done all my iPhone purchases the legit way, and among people I know (who often shirk at paying for games / films) everyone is also paying for them. Why? Well I think because its a) Dead afordable, who won’t impulse buy something for £0.99 that has buzz about it? b)Safe c)”Lite” versions nearly always exist – so you can try before you buy.
    The app store has done what the iTunes store has, put content a touch away that is affordable and easy to use. The DRM being so inherent makes it completely non restrictive. i.e. – When installing a DRM’d iTunes game you can’t actually tell.
    With music, apple has quickly realised (OK, so not so quickly …) that DRM doesn’t work. But, with games on one handheld, it is the natural and seamless thing.
    The only thing I may attempt to pirate is “Tris” – because it surpasses the lacklustre genuine Tetris game. And that’s only if I want to give this to a friend, I got in there when it was still up 😉