• http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    A superb and thorough review, thanks Andy.

    You can sync your iPhone calendar with Google using Google Mobile Sync (an Exchange implementation).

    I think the killer for me is that it doesn’t use the iPhone’s native calendar database. Apple really should open this up – I don’t want to have to use sync workarounds in order to get alarms, for example.

  • Mobile Observer

    The iPhone is a crippled p.o.s. without background apps.

  • Martin

    Datebk5/6 on the Palm was great for many of the same reasons

  • http://web.mac.com/jamesburland/Nokia_Creative/ James Burland

    Mobile Observer: To be perfectly clear about this ‘background’ apps issue. Not all applications are crippled because they cannot run as a background task. In fact, the majority of iPhone applications perform their intended task just fine without it.

    Your sweeping statement in regard to the condition of the current iPhone is inaccurate at best.

  • Iain 117

    My iPhone doesn’t have background processing and it isn’t crippled in anyway? Odd…

    Anyway good review Adam, if I was on the lookout for a PIM app then this sounds like an ideal solution 😉

  • chrsfrwll

    A nice review Andy, though I’m already a PI diehard 😉

    Re syncing with iCal etc, yes it works, albeit via Google. There are several options as to how but I’ve PI as my main PIM, syncing to Google, then to iCal via SpanningSync to iCal. After that MobileMe takes over to push changes to my iPhone and Outlook on a couple of other PCs. Convoluted? You bet. But it works, allows multiple calendars on multiple machines to stay in sync and, interestingly, allowed my iPhone to ping up calendar alarms. Sorted!

    V1.2 of PI has a lot more changes planned and the deb team are also working on direct Exchange sync plus a few other options. Will be good watching this app mature (something the original Agenda had to do too).

  • http://www.mobiquest.net/ Benson

    Good news.This will be great.