• Nikolay Andreev

    Apple top priorities re the iPhone are:
    – get every person on the planet access to and iPhone+Tunes music Store (ex. China, South Korea)
    – Integration of its productivity software (iWork, iLife) with iPhone

    In my opinion, we will never see more than 1 iPhone model at a time, and we will not see the next one till the summer.

    There are far more people that want an iPhone than people who want a new iPhone.

  • Nikolay Andreev

    iPhone current camera sensor cannot record more than 15 frames per second at 320×240 px. Apple would never make a video capture app for a camera that has such a low performance.

    For the few people wishing for video capture and flash, there are third party accessories and jailbroken apps that do the job.

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    Nikolay – I couldn’t agree more on the first priority re: iTunes. Give me a few minutes and I’ll post up my thoughts on why yesterday actually *was* a big day for the iPhone…