• ares

    I had a psp sometime ago…sold it because i considered the DS more “mobile”, and with games more suited to that kind of gaming

    Now that i have an iphone, guess what i did??? I sold the DS….i hardly played it anymore….and AFAIK this is happening with alot of people

    I only wish that apple launched an optional official add-on with some keys/dpad on it..for the more hardcore gamers, and premium games

    There´s also the battery problem…however…the PSP battery also sucks, and its a dedicated gaming machine lol (DS is different…amazing battery)

  • http://www.topsoftware.co.za/iPhone-software.html Ipone-r

    The iphone has so much support, more support than any device that comes out in the next few months even. It Grows because its big. The vicious cycle has begun! 😀

    Nintendo will profit from their niche, sony will feed off their products in play.

    Google!!!! where is yours???