• airmanchairman

    No biggie…

    I’ve just upgraded my firmware to 3.0, and I like what I see so far.

    I’m also anticipating a lot of interesting new apps and upgrades to existing apps that leverage the new features to keep me happy till the end of my contract in April next year, at which time I can either decide to upgrade to the 3G-S or wait a few months till the Summer for the next hardware upgrade.

    Don’t forget that app developers will still be focussing most of their effort on the mainstream of iPhone users, which for the foreseeable future still consists of 2G & 3G users.

  • Iain 117

    I’m selling my 3G to my g/f for £300 (Brand new iPhone 3G) then getting a 3Gs on Friday on PAYG and using my normal sim card, i’ll update this with my findings about transferring the insurance over as so far it’s come in handy :-)

    That’s if i can get one on launch day lol 😉

  • rpv

    my contract expiring in August, i have 2G iphone 16gb for which i paid more then 300 pounds at the time!!! when i called o2 they said it would cost me the same as signing a new contract, which is disgrace, if unlock arrives on Friday i will just unlock 3.0 and move to other network with better 3G coverage.

    AT&T has changed the upgrade policy today with better terms, i would hope o2 will do the same.

  • Matthew Johns

    This really highlights where O2 and Apple have been caught out.
    1) Trendy/geeky/status obsessed folks like us want to upgrade their phones frequently.
    2) The carriers want to lock us in to longer periods so that they can guarantee their income and hide the phone’s price in the monthly pricing.
    We might be happy to pay off the remaining cost of the subsidised phone but paying for a year of unused calls is ridiculous.
    I hate to actually ask for legislation but I think these disguised exclusive hire purchase agreements are anti-competitive.

  • Iain 117

    Anyone got their 3Gs yet? I’m waiting on my phonecall from o2 telling me to pick it up, FWIW the preorders that were already down were 90% contract :-)

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    90% contract, but how many were upgrades I wonder?

  • Iain 117

    I’ve no idea Matt, I know when I got mine they tried to con me into an upgrade with payhing my current one off, told them where to go basically.

    I do have my lovely white 16gb 3Gs sitting with me now though, and can attest to the speed increase with nigh on everything on the device, also video recording is lovely and the quality is better than my old N95 (Which it should be, tbh). I’ve not really tested out the camera much yet so don’t know how much better it will be compared to the iPhone 3G my g/f now has.

    on another note, does anyone know when we’ll be able to jailbreak/unlock the 3.0 software on the 3G? my 3G is pretty much useless to my g/f without it :-/

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  • dd

    I lost my iphone 3g and claimed on insurance and they are giving me the 3gs on monday!!!

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