• http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    James, you’ll have to excuse me updating your article with a (ahem) mockup of the new iPhone Video…

    Whether the new iPhone annouced later today is called that or not, we can be pretty sure at this point that video recording capability will be included. I’ve been able to record video on my iPhone for a while using Cycorder, and – not to belittle the developer Jay Freeman – but the video is produces is not good.

    James is right – if Apple do include video recording today, their position in the video industry (not to mention the wrath of Steve Jobs, I’m sure) would not permit them to release a half-baked, jittery solution. I believe they will release a recording feature that will be decent, and certainly good enough to email or upload to MobileMe/YouTube. But I doubt it will be anything like HD quality.

  • http://web.mac.com/jamesburland/Nokia_Creative/ James Burland

    Love the mock-up… Hey, that might actually work! What with the 3rd party hardware support coming in 3.0. I can feel another post coming on…

    … I’m having real trouble doing any work today, and it’s not just because of the impending keynote either. Have you played Firemint’s ‘Real Racing’ yet? Hands down that most amazing iPhone gaming achievement so far. If this game is not demoed on stage in about 4 hours time, I’ll be shocked and disappointed. Bravo Firemint, bravo!