• http://www.allaboutiphone.net James Burland

    A superb review Andy, kind of makes my earlier review look a bit feeble. ^_^


    Brushes is the app that I mention probably more than any other when discussing the iPhone’s computing heritage.

  • http://www.iworthitappreviews.com iPhone App Reviews

    Wow! It’s like a mini Photoshop for the iPhone. Well done.

  • http://peterssmith.weebly.com Peter Smith

    Been using this application on an iPod touch and done over 100 drawings through August as have my colleagues at Kingston College School of Art and Design. We were able to give 150 16-18 year olds an iPod Touch each to see how we could use them in an educational setting. Discovered Brushes too late for anything last term but this academic year we are getting it on all the iPod’s to use in the art/design studios.
    I use a small Moleskine drawing book and pencil to draw daily when out and about. The Brushes + iPod Touch is my new COLOUR drawing book.
    Fabulous in every way. Then the way they can be played back as a movie ~ an educational treat in analysing student decision making in drawing.
    Thanks for the comprehensive review.

  • matt

    it’s a fantastic app which i use all the time. i agree that a smudge tool would make blending a lot easier, but the entire app is generally very intuitively designed, allowing pretty high-power drawing and painting with minimal hassle.
    i have one small problem with the application i’m trying to get around at the moment. the app saves every stroke you make for each painting under a .brushes file but unless you have a wifi network at home, it seems impossible to get those files onto the mac so that you can view the movies. i’ve tried downloading an iphone file viewer but i can’t find any of the files. if anyone knows how to get around this, help would be much appreciated.