• Pav Rai

    If you are upgrading with orange they offer a 10% discount on your monthly iphone tariff as a loyalty bonus. The 10% seems to be fixed to the iphone as it is so new, but other phones e.g. nokia (and ‘normal tariffs’ e.g. racoon etc) I was being offered 15% discount off any tariff + free internet + free Nokia 5800 (the phone I was interested several months ago before I learnt of the iphone release). Basically at upgrade time (except iphone at the moment supply and demand etc) negotiations seem to go best if you say that you wish to leave that provider and go elsewhere. Hope this helps!

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    Thanks for that info Pav. My friend spends about £40/month with Orange, and tried to upgrade to the iPhone with Orange – no discount was offered. I’m glad to hear you managed to shave some money off!

  • http://www.twitter.com/dergal Gerry White

    TBH – I wouldn’t touch Orange with a bargepole at the moment – I know that 500mb or 750mb is more than I have used over the last 12 months, however it is still considerably lower than “unlimited” when T-Mobile say unlimited the fair usage policy is 3gb. Friends with HTC Heros, smashed the 500mb included (not unlimited) and got charged quite a bit for it …

    I like the service I have had from o2, despite the pricing I would prefer to stick with them … though I am tempted to go Android / t-Mobile