• http://www.iphoneclan.com Sylwester Los – Lucky Clan


    Thanks for this long and detailed review. It is very useful for me, I now know what features should be improved. I will try to add dodge, burn, landscape in about 1 month. They are not hard to implement, the biggest problem is lack of space for next icon in iPhone.

    ps. You craeted awesome caricature!

    Sylwester Los, Lucky Clan

  • Andy Cook

    Hi Sylwester,

    Thanks for your comments and I hope you think my review is fair and reasonable. I’m happy to hear it may even have been of some use to you and I’m looking forward to trying the Dodge and Burn tools and seeing how ArtStudio develops over time.

    Thanks for your kind words about my painting. Caricature isn’t really my thing but I was quite pleased with this one – one of my better efforts I think.


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    Very good review.How is possible to do such a good portrait on your iphone? how much cost this app ?

  • http://www.iphoneclan.com Sylwester Los – Lucky Clan

    It costs 3.99$.
    There is also iPad version of Artstudio for only 0.99$ (SPECIAL LAUNCH SALE)