• http://twitter.com/izzard Si Brindley

    OR…get the application “MyWi” for your jailbroken iPhone, which turns it – effectively – into a MiFi – then your iPad can utilise the iPhone data plan you’ve already paid for. Note: this may not be allowed under the terms of your iPhone service provider (assuming you have a contract with them) but it’s technically very easy and works great. Of course it does mean you’ll probably need to consider providing extra juice for your iPhone.

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    Absolutely Si. MyWi is an option if you have a jailbroken iPhone. I didn’t include it in this article because I just wanted to look at options that wouldn’t break the Ts and Cs you signed up for with an iPhone contract.

    However, I have tried MyWi, and I don’t think it’s a great option for iPad tethering. Why? As you mentioned – battery life. When I tried it, it killed my iPhone’s battery, even when the iPhone was powered from a wall socket. For a mobile solution, this makes MyWi impractical (for me). The only time I can see it will work is if, perhaps you’re on a train seat with a socket nearby, or if you’re in a car with a cigarette lighter adapter.

    There is a wider issue about paying for a data connection multiple times with the same provider. It’s like the old days when ISPs would charge you per computer that accessed the Internet – so you’d have to hide that router if anyone from the ISP ever came round! Personally, I’d prefer to sign up for a contract with a mobile network that allowed me a certain amount of bandwidth per month, spread across as many devices as I saw fit.

  • http://twitter.com/izzard Si Brindley

    I’m staggered that it drained the battery even powered from a wall socket… something cannot possibly be right there!

    I agonized over the decision whether to pay the extra and order a 3G iPad precisely because I technically could use my iPhone as a wireless router and felt that I should be allowed to. However, you can’t beat the elegance of having an all-in-one solution with the cellular data built into the iPad. I think if I’d ordered the WiFi-only iPad I’d soon get frustrated with relying on the iPhone for internet in the field, regardless of how infrequently I’d be out and about with it. Plus we (in the UK) are afforded the luxury of using different providers for each device – so I can get an Orange SIM and cover some O2 signal blackspots that my iPhone suffers and vice-versa.

    What really sealed the deal for me was that the 3G iPad also has GPS – so you’re getting a bit more for your extra money – and the Orange “PAYG” 5p/MB plan, so I never have to worry about a monthly time limit expiring if I’m using the iPad’s 3G very infrequently.

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    I know, the battery drain seems excessive, but I Googled it and other people have had the same problem, so it’s not for me.

    I’m tending toward a wifi-only iPad right now, but I know that when I’m out and about I’ll want the GPS more than the wireless connectivity. That Orange deal for occasional usage does seem pretty good though.

  • http://www.iphone3gscreenrepair.com Jeremy Bates

    The added benefit of expanded network coverage for this device seems pointless to me. I have always preferred tethering the device to my iPhone which is already in my pocket. It seems both Apple and AT&T do not like this and continue to combat tethering with each release to try to get iPad and laptop users to once again buy into their residuals.

    The key to this issue…DO NOT UPDATE YOUR iPhone! Every release since 4.0 has simply been to combat tethering and jailbreaking. Pointless if you ask me!