• http://twitter.com/Izzard Si Brindley

    I unlocked my O2 iPhone a couple of days ago via the web form and about an hour later it was unlocked an using my Three SIM.

  • Vitaliy

    How do I unlock my iPhone 4 from Orange to other networks?
    IMEI 012422001681347
    Модель MC603B
    serial 68037S36A4S
    Оператор Orange

    Подскажите как открыть свой iPhone 4 для любого оператора, я живу в Украине

  • john oneill

    how can a unlock my iphone 4 from orange to any other network plese help thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1257034538 Neil Roach

    O2 just unlocked my iPhone 4 free of charge. Just have to wait 72 working hours for change to take effect.

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net/ Matt Radford

    Great! Are you in contract or out of contract?

  • Rich

    Any luck finding out whether it works in contract and out of contract? whether you still have to be on a pay monthly contract or whether they are now unlocking PATG iphone4?

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net/ Matt Radford

    I’m afraid not – I haven’t had a chance to ask.

  • O2 user

    I’m abit late now, but the reason o2 wouldn’t unlock iphone 4’s was due to the high demand, of people wanting to order it on pay and go, then using it on another network.

    it was this way from launch until sept, also with o2 we have always unlocked contract mobiles once the customer has paid there first bill, and its been free to have this done, on pay and go we charge £15

  • M81

    I made an unlock request for my iPhone 4 on orange having been with them for over 12 months and what a joke that entire process was, I was first told that I will be sent an unlocking code to put in within 14 days, after arguing that you cannot put an unlock code into an iPhone as its done through iTunes they seemed to get a bit confused and said to wait 14 days and it would be done, I rang again after the 2 weeks and was told that I have to go into the apple store to have it unlocked which having spoke to apple customer services they confirmed what I believed in the first place which is that they cannot/don’t unlock phones as te request has to come from the network that it is locked to, I was then told that it will be sorted after talking to “experts” in the iPhone department and to wait for upto 14 days and guess what….. No unlock, I rang them back and got plenty of other excuses which all boiled down to “we haven’t got a clue” I was told that the request had been sent to which I said well just cancel it and the customer services lady said ok that’s been cancelled, not quite sure how she cancelled a request sent to apple unless they didn’t send it in the first place! 6 weeks and no unlock, Anyway, I had my iphone unlocked from orange officially through iTunes by a seller on eBay for £25 and it was done in under 24 hours so I had my wife’s done too a couple of days later, O2 are the only ones who in my personal experience are willing to unlock your phone from their network, I don’t think orange know how or they stall and fail to do it on purpose, I’m still waiting for my bill credit I was promised as a gesture of goodwill, I guess I’ll be waiting for that as long as I would be waiting for an iPhone unlock!

  • http://twitter.com/youriphoneunlok youriphoneunlock.com

    We can unlock orange iPhone 4 in 24 hours from Mon-Fri. Yes if you have placed ordered on Monday before 5 pm. Your iPhone will be unlocked next day 5 pm. Quick and easy and also we are cheapest for factory unlocking services. For more information please visit this link (www.­youriphoneunlock­.­com/­product/­orange-­iphone-­unlock_158.­html)

  • simon

    Want to unlock my iphone 4 from t mobile to 02 how can i do it

  • Rhys Peile

    i just went on O2 chat with a new iphone 4 locked to O2. i got an O2 sim this morning and put £20 credit on. they unlcked it for me straight away and chargd me £15.

  • Wiskeyjnr

    Is your phone still unlocked after updating your iphone? I have been having a similar experience with orange customer services, they lost my details, said it takes at least 3 months and have had the phone put down on me when I question them.

  • simran

    how can I unlock my iPhone 4. So, I can use any other sim

  • SLaps

    I have just done this with O2 and it works I have 2 wait 72 hours but I have an email confirming this :)

  • Steve

    Can I have the link to the eBay seller that did that for you please? I’m having similar problems. Steve B

  • http://www.facebook.com/ben.cove Ben Cove ッ

    any websites that people have used and worked?

  • Craigycouper

    Was this an iPhone 4 8gb? I hear it is the 8gb models of iphone 4 and all models of iphone 4s that people were unable to unlock. I have an iphone 8gb on pay as you go. Did you have the same situation and were able to unlock?

  • Alipeace

    can you please give me the details of how to unlock my i phone from orange

  • Pkjai1983

    you can use this o2 method for the iphone 4S, just give them ur iphone 4s imei number, i did and am now on three mobile instead of o2….instead of talking to and advisor i typed my details on there website. works =)

  • Pkjai1983

    free on contract… also this method works for iphone 4S =)

  • Peter

    Vodafone unlocked for nothing through nucresolutions, just filled in their form and they unlocked it through iTunes simplessss

  • Neelam

    How can i unlock my iphone 4 to any network

  • Gwsheppard

    Can Orange charge for unlock once all of contract is paid up? It seems cheeky, me having to pay them to use my equipment as I wish. I bought the efing thing already from them!! I am so sick of how big businesses choose to behave and treat people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/helen.liu.146 Helen Liu

    I have been an orange customer for nearly 2 yrs now . As I am going abroad I want my I phone unlock. Oh did I have problem with them . Phone customer services and they told me to phone phone4u( my i phone is from them) , phones phone4u and they told me they do not unlike I phones. Also went to apple store and they say the best bet would be my service provider. I feel like I am doing a merry go round and not getting anywhere. Would think twice to renewal with them . By the way going to try to unlike my I phone through I tune and is foc

  • pipo

    012422008974687 how do i unlock my iphone its out of contract pls ans ..

  • pipo

    I forget to tell u its from orange UK sorry

  • vavishal

    hello xavier how to do if i don’t have account with o2

  • Benny

    Who on eBay did it for £25?

  • Ifee

    Frod side

  • Mary

    How can I get my daughters iphone 4 unlocked , it’s cost me £25 in 3 days for her to use Internet , I’ve rung orange and they said she cnt for 6 months , it’s a pay as u go sim, my daughter is heart broken as I’m not willing to top up anymore x

  • Ella Fears

    I have a iphone 4s locked onto orange. I bought it second hand online so i haven’t got any contact with the original owner and the price to get it unlocked in any shops is about £70 which is far to much hope you can help me to unlock my phone.
    Many thanks Ella Fears