“Lite Activation” in iTunes for upgraders

Browsing through the confusion and anger on the O2 Customer Forums, I came across this post by chris22. He’s copied an email he received from O2 Customer Services detailing how to upgrade:

To upgrade to your new iPhone 3G, you’ll need to do the lite activation with your new iPhone 3G.

When you’ve received your iPhone, please follow the steps below to activate the new iPhone 3G through the ‘Lite Activation’ via iTunes:

1. You’ll need to connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac (Macintosh) via a data cable and then open iTunes on your PC or Mac.
2. You’ll then need to activate your iPhone via iTunes.
3. You’ll need to select the ‘Existing Customer’ radio button and then select the ‘Keep Number’ option.
4. You’ll then need to enter your mobile number
5. You’ll be sent a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to confirm that you’re the account owner.
6. You’ll then need to enter this PIN in the relevant field.
7. You’ll then be sent to last screen of activation (bypassing portal/iTunes account creation, tariff selection, terms and conditions).
8. Your iPhone will now synchronise with iTunes and it’ll be activated.

My first thought was that, seeing as the tariff selection screen in bypassed, how will this work for upgraders who are changing tariff?
Probable answer: I guess just go through the normal activation process rather than lite.

But then I thought – “Oh no, another PIN from O2!” Fingers crossed that this system holds up better than the PIN system used on the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t upgrades website. Are we going to see another meltdown when thousands of people activate their new iPhones on Friday morning?

The email is posted in full at:
(scroll down a bit – I’m sorry but I can’t permalink to the exact post)

  • http://www.nokiacreative.com James Burland

    I just purchase my first iPhone app from the App Store. Cro-Mag Ralley. Cost me £5.99 and is weighing in at 58.8MB, this ain’t no ordinary phone game!

    Unfortunately it doesn’t run yet as there’s nothing to run it on… only another 6 hours to go!!!