• nondual

    install the “five icon dock”, and the problem of where to put it is solved.

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    Hey nondual, that’s not a bad idea. Also, Steven the developer has already started work on Orbit 2.0, which is invoked by a pinch. Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJh1vfwQ1ww

  • http://www.oceanobservations.com Ocean Observations

    The Orbit app is based on a concept developed by Ocean Observations. To see the original video that inspired Steve to make this app, visit us on:

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    Thanks for your comment. I remember I did watch that concept video, I just forgot to put it in the article. It’s great to see your idea come to life :)