• james

    Oh is that the famous app with complex settings menu and old Outdated data in every region, hmm

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    The settings menu takes some delving into, for sure, but I’ve found the data pretty accurate.

  • Larry

    I just purchased a iphone 4 so this would be a cool addition to the phone.

  • http://craigt44.eu Craig Thornton

    I’ve tried NDrive and Navfree but they each have their issues (NDrive is not currently in the app store and there’s no word when / if they will come back).

    I haven’t tried Copilot Live but by all accounts it sounds like a very well featured and reliable app … although I get the sense it may have a somewhat complex menu system? :) I shall reserve judgement until I either

    a) give in a buy it
    b) win it in this excellent give away


  • tivoboy

    CP just keeps getting better and better! Wish they would integrate some RL and traffic cams

  • sid84763

    The article is incisive, informative and leaves no stone unturned. A possible Pulitzer winner!

    Do I win?

    If I do, please give my copy to someone too poor to afford a car with SatNav!

    Northern friend of Lee.

  • Alan

    Having used both the USA and UK versions on my iPhone 3G in the past. I was a little disapointed in how slow it got a signal lock, though this could just be the iPhone 3G.
    Now I’ve got the iPhone 4 which is much faster and no signal issues so now find Copilot usful app on my phone when travelling.
    Now with a trip into Europe planned for next year a Europe version would come in handy.


  • N

    Shame that the article is only talking about the iOS product…

    However the Android version seems to be working pretty well since recent updates fixing its porting problems.

    Still could use a few more platform specific features though like being able to navigate to a place direct from an agenda item’s location – which you can do with Google navigation…

    Biggest grip, which I suspect is common to all versions: lack of updates to the non-North American maps. Please sort out an agreement with your suppliers that allow you to provide updates ASAP

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    @Craig It can be complex, but I’ve found you can happily get by just bashing in a postcode and off you go.

    @tivoboy You know safety cameras are now included, right?

    @sid84763 Cheeky sod!

    @Alan I found CoPilot Live USA a bit slow on my iPhone 3G in the summer, but usable. Much quicker on the iPhone 4.

    @N Well the site is called All About iPhone! Navigation from agenda locations would be great, but I don’t think the functionality is there in iOS right now – it automatically opens Google Maps. See my recent article about the inability to choose default apps within iOS for more: http://www.allaboutiphone.net/2010/09/think-different-apps/

    Also, I’ve noticed CP being updated regularly. How do you know the maps haven’t been updated? I’m not disputing it, I’m just wondering how you can tell?

  • Jenna

    My boyfriend has this and it’s very good, has got us everywhere we need in the UK. I’ve just got a iphone 4 so would be great to win this!

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    @N (again) I’ve just seen this tweet from @copilotlive today:

    “for the moment it’s only 2009 maps on every platform every country. Can’t give more information about map updates unfortunately”


    So you’re absolutely right.

  • Rachel

    Pick me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me ME

  • Stokie

    This would avoid me getting back seat driving directions off the wife.

  • Jontyb

    I think I deserve it. I’m a Brit lost in the US and I want to drive home. Help me get there.

  • Gideon

    Recently upgraded to iPhone 4 and been looking fo a good sat nav app, so this would be perfect

  • Xavier

    The safety cam notification would be very useful, lets see what the “patented randomising spreadsheet” can do 😉

  • Maite

    Used Copilot with very much pleasure on my android cellphone. It’s a great navigation software! Now I’m switch to Apple’s iPhone 4 and I’m pretty sure copilot live works even better on this device. I would like to find out this with a free copy 😉

  • Jose

    I have this for the iPhone 4 and it’s tremendous, I travel the country with it and the standalone TomTom is now gathering dust in the glove box. I would love another copy for the lady of the house, she really does need it!

  • Dave

    Used this on a 3G and 4G iPhone in UK and France and it works well. I’ve had no problems with outdated data or the GPS lock since switch to 4G

  • Phil Sumner

    Used to have copilot for my android device and loved it, a giveaway like this would be perfect for getting hold of an iOS version!

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    You’ve just snuck in under the wire, Phil!

    Competition now closed. Winner announced later today. Thanks for all the entries!