App giveaway: CoPilot Live satnav

At the start of the year I reviewed CoPilot Live for UK and Ireland from ALK Technologies.

It’s my first choice of satnav app, and I’m happy to promote it as I think it’s worth your cash. It has also just been updated with the latest NAVTEQ maps and safety camera data.

And lucky you, Santa has brought TEN copies of the app for me to give away!

CoPilot Live works on iPhone, and on iPod touch with an external GPS. You can also get CoPilot Live HD for iPad for Europe and North America. It’s one of the top grossing apps on the UK App Store, and normally costs £19.99 (or €19.99 on the Irish App Store).

Check out the main features:

  • choice of mapping options: 2D, 3D and Driver Safety mode (this provides just a direction arrow and next turn instruction for the minimum amount of driver distraction, which is the option I use most)
  • voice guided, turn by turn instructions (Optional Text To Speech upgrade)
  • real sign information, Lane Assistance and ClearTurn instructions for complex junctions
  • access to Live Local Search – search for a business or service by generic term or brand in your immediate vicinity (which requires a mobile internet connection)
  • optional upgrade to Live Traffic services
  • safety camera notification (except in the US and Switzerland)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, or retweet this tweet.

The competition closes on Xmas Eve at midnight. Good luck!

  • Ratkat

    How does CoPilot compare with TomTom & Ovi Maps, never really tried any others apart from those and google maps of course.

  • Matt Radford

    I don’t know to be honest – I haven’t tried Ovi, and TomTom didn’t get back to me about a review. The only other satnav I’ve reviewed for the iPhone is Trafficmaster:

    This article gives a 3 way comparison though:

  • Ratkat

    Cheers I’ll take a look at that

  • Xavier

    Do you think the iPhone’s gps is solid enough to keep signal within the city?

  • Matt Radford

    It works well enough for me, not matter whether I’m using CoPilot, Trafficmaster or Google Maps.

  • Gideon Grimes

    Is it usable on the iPad? Or is it too big?

  • Matt Radford

    I haven’t tried it as I have the wifi-only iPad. But I imagine it’ll work fine with an iPad 3G – but they do an iPad-specific version called CoPilot Live HD. Haven’t tried that either. Not a lot of help am I?!

  • Xavier

    You mentioned map uodates. Are they free of charge, Or in-app parchase?
    From my experience with dedicated sat-navs (iGo+PPC), navteq release a map update every quarter…

  • iFanboy

    I replied…..therefore I am!

  • Matt Radford

    Bonus points for paraphrasing Descartes!

  • Matt Radford

    Map updates are free, as far as I’m aware. This one certainly is. But it’s more than a quarter since an update was released though (if my memory is correct).

  • Micky T

    To Win would be sweet!!

  • Sven

    A friend has this app and rates it highly…..i’d love to win it.

  • iFanboy

    Bonus points for knowing what I meant!

    Nice to see someone else know their history Matt! 😉

    Merry Christmas!

  • Xavier

    re. gps signal strength: have you seen Top Gear today? That ferrari lost signal in Manhattan 😀

  • Matt Radford

    I didn’t see that – was in iPhone app or just a normal satnav? I would imagine GPS could get blocked in Manhattan owing to the high buildings = urban canyons.

    Anyway, the competition’s now closed. Thanks to all who entered, and to ALK for providing the giveaway copies of the app. If you won I’ve sent you an email or DM on Twitter. Cheers!

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  • Roger

    Is it still possible to enter? Love the site! (Of course :))

  • Matt Radford

    Sorry Roger, too late I’m afraid!

  • Roger

    Thanks anyway! :)

  • Flying Fox

    I use an old fashioned map combined with the excellent RAC app and google maps for all my driving. I’ve not been tempted to buy a sat nav app because of the high price of Tom Tom etc. I have read great reviews of this app and I would be tempted to try it at this price.  If you can read a map, write down directions and have a splattering of common sense then i dont really think you need a sat nav (unless taxi driver etc) especially anything over £50. But for this price it might be worth it for the odd time you can’t be bothered to use a map or read signposts! Hopefully I’ll win this app and maybe I’ll be a convert.