• Leon


    This is only really news for o2 iphone owners. Why? Because everyone else has a jailbroken iPhone and van download Swirlymms which is a full mms app which sends and receives pictures just like any mms app on any other phone would. It even allows receipt of .3gp video and has autoconfiguration setup for most network providers.

    The only downside is a one-off purchase of the app, but it’s cheaper than an App Store game.

    Seems like it’s genuine o2 users who lose out more than anyone, unless they’re willing to jailbreak.

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    I know SwirlyMMS is available, but the release of this app means that MMS is on the way for all iPhone users, not just those that are prepared to jailbreak.

  • Leon

    I’d like to think so, but is this REALLY mms?? Seems like a nicely packaged GUI masking what is essentially a weblink with a passcode.

    Swirly on the other hand functions exactly as an mms app should, pulling the mms and downloading it straight from/delivering to the message centre. It therefore allows you to take advantage of your tarif’s picture messaging allowance.

    This mms app breaks no new ground and is certainly not a ‘real’ mms solution. If it ever becomes one Apple will ban it from the App Store.

    On the plus side, I suspect that as Apple softens its approach to copyright infringement – removing DRM from its iTunes downloads- its programmers work on a firmware 3.0 iPhone release which will finally unleash Bluetooth and mms sharing.

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    You’re absolutely right – it doesn’t use the operator’s message centre, nor does it implement the full MMS protocol. But I don’t think it matters.

    There won’t be any consumer outrage over that – quite the opposite if you read the majority of reviews. People are just happy to have a working MMS solution, even if it isn’t perfect.

    This is a bit stupid though – we’re talking about MMS as if it’s some novelty feature. Hopefully firmware 3, which I hope will be a major release, will finally fix this omission.

  • Leon

    I genuinely think that people are happy with MMS Photo Messaging because they’re ignorant; and I don’t mean that in a bad way, but seriously – if people knew about Swirly would they REALLY want to use MMS Photo Messaging? It beggars belief for me.

    I genuinely think you SHOULD write about picture messaging on the iPhone: I’m sure it would be informative and would serve to educate people as to what the real options are if their world is entirely Out-of-box.

    The MMS Photo Messaging app is NOT the answer: the answer is to jailbreak and buy SwirlyMMS or wait till the summer firmware update.

    The fact that it doesn’t use the provider’s Message centre number and the true mms protocol DOES matter, for those who want REAL mms and have them included in their allowance. To me the simple use of MMS in the title and icon is ENTIRELY deceptive as this is just web based.

    Unfortunately the more ‘it’s the best we can hope for for now’ reviews this app gets (with NO mention of the stupendously superior alternative), the more money the developer of this ultimately fake and deceptive application makes.

    Free to download it might be, MMS it…not be.

  • chrsfrwll

    It’s a pity people take such a dim view of other people creating a free app that helps overcome one of the shortcomings of the iPhone. Not everyone wants to jailbreak their phone and as O2 (on whose network this app works, exclusively) doesn’t have an MMS package for the iPhone, this app provides a simple one stop shop for sending and viewing picture messages. OK, it’s marketed as the MMS solution, but so what if it isn’t real MMS. For the vast majority of UK O2 iPhone users that want to send and view their picture messages, this fits the bill and shouldn’t be slated just because it isn’t true MMS.

  • ares

    Vodafone here in Portugal launched an “mms app” on the appstore too…

  • http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    That’s good to hear. Was it launched by the carrier or by an independent developer? And does it enable video and audio as well?

  • ares

    was launched by the carrier

    AFAIK it only alows images…

    I can´t really test it, because i´m on Optimus, the other network with iphone here…

    Anyway, i bought Swirly MMS and it is certainly a more powerfull solution