Tips and tricks in Smartphones Show 53

I have another guest slot on Steve Litchfield’s Smartphones Show this week, showing off some tips to help iPhone users get a bit more out of their device, including an easy way for UK users to view MMS. They provoked some mirth from All About Symbian commenters, so go easy on a newbie in front of the camera, ok? 😉

The Smartphones Show is available in iPhone-friendly format at

  • mel jones

    Hi Matt, You were fine on Steve’s show and I followed the link on to the Symbian site and was not at all impressed by the closed mind of some of the comments. I do admire Steve for being open minded enough to give other OS’s a chance even though it is obvious that he is a Symbian fan. You’re doing well. Mel Jones.

  • Matt Radford

    thanks Mel – all encouragement greatfully received!