• http://www.allaboutiphone.net Matt Radford

    I think the only thing that would stop me using this is the fact that you have to add stuff manually. Delicious Library on the Mac, for example, allows you to use the built-in iSight to scan the barcode.

    Would that be possible on the iPhone? I’ll have an article on just that sort of thing up later this week.

  • http://iphone.netwalk.be Tom Nys

    We currently have v1.1.1 waiting for approval by Apple (for about a week already!) which fixes the crash bugs (and adds a global movie count). We’re also working on import/export so you don’t have to find your complete movie library through IMDB (will be something for 1.2 somewhere in April). As you can see, lots of progresss in the pipeline!

  • Andy Cook

    Good news – thanks for the update.

    Glad I didn’t spend the weekend adding all my DVDs now :)

  • borris