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100 iPhone Wallpapers

Just a quick one: Smashing Magazine is a great resource for web developers, bloggers, and anyone who likes design. I was emailed yesterday (arigato gozaimasu to Jason) that SM had recently presented 100 really beautiful iphone wallpapers/. There are some really stunning images available.

So check it out if – unlike me – you’re not legally obliged to have a photo of your children as your wallpaper 😉

Mockup of iPhone app folders (modelled on the iPod Touch)

OK, I’m full. Now what? Here’s a suggestion…

I started out well with the AppStore, neatly organising my third party applications into categories: games, utilities, reference, music, and so on. No sweat, I thought. A slight problem when I wanted to get from home screen number 1 to home screen number 9, but at least there’s that handy shortcut (press ‘Home’ again) to get back to screen 1 since the last firmware update (2.2).

Then each category started to fill to overflowing. Meaning that applications spilled out onto the next home screen, polluting it. A month later, I’d reached the point where I’d lost control completely, with the first four applications screens now chock full and no blank ‘slots’ in sight for new apps. 

Another month on and all the one hundred and forty-odd app slots are full. And only another 14,950 applications left on the App Store to install. Err…… 

Read on for an (illustrated!) solution to the problem.


O2 opens WAP pages to iPhone customers

O2 opens WAP pages to iPhone customers

Tip of the hat to reader Gerry for this one. Previously, I posted that you can retrieve your O2 account balance by sending a blank text to 21202. This sends back a text with your remaining minutes and text until your next billing date. It also sends back a WAP link to your account balance page. This was inaccessible to iPhone users, as Mobile Safari is not WAP-capable.

Now, it appears that O2 have made that link accessible.

We’re 1 today!

We’re 1 today!

takeAll About iPhone launched a year ago today. Since then we’ve gone from zero to almost 15,000 visitors a month.

This is thanks to the hard work of our contributors – Steve, James and Jim. Many thanks to them. And thanks also to you, our readers. I hope we’ll continue to bring you interesting stuff in the future.

If there are any improvements or changes you’d like see, do drop us a line.

Thanks and best wishes,